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A collection, an Impression. Thinkingseeds’ diary of worlds

A volume of imagery representing the backbone of Thinkingseedstudio’s creative future in a format unique and exclusive to a collector’s appetite.  A limited production of ten, forms the foundation of Thinkingseedstudio’s Impressions V0I Collection, and its family of Collectors, whose contributions elevate the Arts.

A mission composed of high and ever evolving standards of art, aimed to illuminate, motivate and inspire our experience, permeates our Collection . As a creator, Thinkingseedstudio seeks to contribute to the molding of our culture and takes the advantageous opportunity to uplift our viewers with creative insight. Impressions V0I is our first release of a collection that reveres ideas as delicate seeds worth planting. 


At this time, we are in the process of scheduling viewings and receiving offers. 

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