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Where am I in relationship to what I want?

First Sketches

"The Story of Scoops of Step was born in a personal conversation about the nature of our dreams, goals and desires, and how hypnotizing they can actually be. Getting myself to a place where I knew where I stood in relationship to achieving my goals became the heart of this dialogue and the beginning of a journey."-George Fuentes

Story Board

Concept Color Key

Final Composite

                                                             Story Boards

                                                               Color Keys

Watch Scoops of Steps

Watch Scoops of Steps

Scoops of Steps Shop

Scoops of Steps Shop

Writer & Director: George Fuentes

Producer: Valerie Kenniston

Animation Lead : Christina Lee

Animation: Christina Lee, Teri Shellen, Catherine Yoo, James Lane,Michael Tello

Rigging: Gary Kavanagh

Modeling: Juan Carlos Cuadra, Hao Cui

Lighting and Texturing: Henry Foster,Juan Carlos Cuadra, Hao Cui

Effects: Prema Paetsch, Henry Foster

Compositing: Martin Hall, Rory O'Donnell

Visual Development: George Fuentes

Musical Score: Will Phillips